Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I've been thinking a lot about some of the movies that have lead me into this new career I've launched. Movie making was not on my agenda when I was watching thes but they've all gone a long way toward solidifying my belief that I'm doing the right things. In no particular order.

Lion of the Desert. Anthony Quinn, desert warfare, cultural, visceral...

jacob's ladder- changed my perspective on non linear storytelling. not flawless but certainly a powerful movie

brazil- terry gilliam has sucha unique vision its hard not to like his flair despite the short comings of almost all his movies

the jungle book- louie prima... nuff said!

Hotaru no haka ( Graveyard of the Fireflies) - you don't know anime until you've seen this movie

Ran- Akira at his best. oh the blood!!!!!

Blade Runner- a seminal work. society would be bankrupt without dayrl hannah flopping around on the floor!

hard boiled- um hello chow yun-fat at his best... guns guns and more guns. oh and when john woo actually still "kinda" mattered.

Once upon a time in China (best martial arts movies ever.) tsui hark

children of men- a modern classic if ever there was one. sure to go down as a cult classic