Friday, November 16, 2007

Would you work for no money? Probably not. I didn't think I ever would either but then I was offered an internship at Pixar and I really didn't care if I got paid. O.K. I care but I didn't want it to get in the way of learning from and being around some of the best in the world at what they do.

I'm working in the education department at Pixar University. It's the internal training and development devision that keeps all the employees up to date on the company and on new tools and methods. Lot's of Final Cut Pro for me. That and a lot of render wrangling.

I'm not animating at all really, just some pencil test walks but, I can't complain. I get invaluable resume credit, I get to be around during some class time and pick up bits about production ideas, software use, procedural methods, and I work inside the fabled halls of Pixar. Kinda cool, huh!

On other fronts I'm going to smoke not 1 but 2 turkeys this thanksgiving! I know a little overkill but doesn't everyone want a drum stick? Its a 2 day affair. I'll need to soak them in a brine to get a little extra flavor then on day one and then I need to spend a fair chunk of time in front of the grill on turkey day. Fun!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Ok I'm done with school. If you didn't know yeah I've been in school for 2.5 years. If you did well I'm finished and may endo up doing more, but until then... now what. Well get a job! Anybody need an animator?O.k I need to do more animations. write stories. draw. Man there are so many new things that I'm interested in doing. It's so hard to just pick one and focus in on it. i Just don't get how to be happy doing just one thing? I want to model and texture and design and rig and composite and... o.k. maybe not composite and definitely not rig but still, Ugh there just can't be enough time. Well there must be a way so here's to hoping I find it.

Had the pleasure of going on an interview and not getting the job. Step in the right direction for me though. there are worse things then rejection. a real inventive group of artist. All with tons of industry experience. You can read up about them on cgtalk.

Posted My new website finally. Has some old and some new stuff on it. needs a lot more new but in time. I hope to have a more regular life style now that my plate is down to just a few major things.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner then x-mas then new years... man the holidays. If they didn't rock they'd suck!