Monday, November 09, 2009

Letting Go!

There are phases in life, like in production, where you just want to make sure you've gotten everything right. Just perfect. Done your absolute best job. Put forward the greatest effort... you get the picture. there are the other times when you just have to accept what it is you've done and keep moving despite a less then perfect product.

I'm at the end of character modeling for my short and feel like there are lots of things I need to keep working on but for the sake of staying on target w/ my schedule I just have to put some things on hold and hope I won't get bit in the ass on the other end.

I've had a good time exploring MODO and really do enjoy a lot of the feature that package has to offer. I hope the hard surface stuff goes as well as the characters.

Monday, November 02, 2009

I often get hung up trying to and forgetting how to, stay motivated. There's something to be said for just getting up to sped and staying there. However it's the getting going and knowing what to do when you're stalled that's the hard part. I credit improv for keeping me on my toes and yoga for keeping me flexible but jump starting the mind requires the right kind of exercise.

Brainstorming can be a great way to get out of a funk. Take 5-10 minutes. Choose a word or phrase that you would like to use as a foundation that you'll want to build on and then write down whatever comes to mind. Don't edit your self. Just accept that you mind needs to vent and you don't want to hold back. It's a great way to clean house and also find ideas that may not have occured to you in oth forums

Another tool is memorizing insprirational sayings.
Robert McKee's book Story has a quote that always pushes me back into action.

"We often put off doing something for as long as possible, then as we finally make a decision and step into the action, we're surprised by its relative ease. We're left to wonder why we dreaded doing it until we realize that most of life's actions are within our reach, but decisions take will power."

It's the little things in life that help and reminders and inspirational words can work wonders for the stalled creative mind.