Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Need to deal with some environment details. Fences, hills, trees, shrubs... those sorts of things. Where a place is has so much to do with how a story is received. It tells a lot about the characters and expresses a great deal of the spirit of a story.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wow time can sail when your busy not being busy. Lots of new work on the film but not a lot of posting. Gotta resolve that. Might move all this chit chat over to FB...has to be a better way to have less stuff to maintain.

Some of the latest work has been focused on building objects to fill in my sets. One set has "wrapped" the family trailer. I don't want to return to it and add more clutter even thought I think it needs it.

living room1.

living room 2.

Dinning Room1.

yup a desk w/ no legs and a type writter with no keys...I'm not sure they'll end up in a shot but I'll go back to them if I have to.

Dinning Room2.




I'm currently working on the gas station set. Like where it's going but have a lot more to do there also.

Sort of dreading the shading and texturing phase. Files start getting so bulky once you start adding texture maps and image files!