Thursday, October 29, 2009

Working in Modo.

Didn't "finish" any models but progress is progress. The most important thing in the modeling phase is having good source
material. Gathering reference images is the least glamorous and most time consuming aspect of the design process.

Its tempting to attack modeling and drawing and design using solely ones own creative memory. Starting with excellent reference adds an extra bit of authenticity to the project. Its a way of making sure that the details have been well considered.Even simple blueprints can go a long way toward improving the overall look development.

I've decided that what I really want in a car for my police/sherrif character is a 66 Chevy Chevelle.

The hard part has been assembling useful source images that will make the modeling and design phase simpler. I could easily chose a different vehicle however the era that I'm trying to capture would look a little less correct if I short changed the process.

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